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About Me

My background

Lydia is a consultant, for individuals and small businesses, promoting the intuitive connection to inner wisdom by discovering the prosperity golden key to success.  Lydia holds a B.Comm. in Marketing/Psychology minor from The University of Alberta with over 20 years of media experience. Her mantra is keep evolving to Excellence and your Highest Potential!

My writing roots

Since the age of 5, Lydia has been a storyteller. Whether you're an individual or a small business that needs a 'tune-up', let her hear your story and assist you back on the path of success. Sometimes, we all need a small nudge in the right direction to realize our dreams.

My style

With advantage marketing and sales, every circumstance, individual, or company is unique in attracting what they want or don't want. The energy imprint flows either to success or struggle. Whether the issue is financial, lack of walk-in-clients, weight loss, relationships, love, career, or adjusting to change/loss creates resistance to success in life.  An unhappy individual is usually  unproductive in more than one aspect of their life.   In teaching individuals and small businesses how to unlock the limitations, lack, or blocks to success, harmony and balance is restored. There are opportunities for advantage marketing and sales in freelance writing jobs for beginners to further your online presence. Experience a 'tune-in'  to the inner wisdom that quickly re-aligns and flows to abundance in every aspect of your life.


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